Shipping Policy

Our average delivery time approaches 20 days. You can find all the steps of our delivery routine listed below.

Note: due to the increased Christmas time demand, a 2-3 days delay may be expected. In case it does happen, our support team always makes sure to notify you as soon as possible.

A temporary note related to the CardGuard product — it’s delivery time is about 20 business days now. We have just established its manufacturing and it’s going to take some time to shorten its time of delivery. Please, treat this with understanding. Every day we work on improving the quality of our service because our customers’ happiness is the main goal for us.

Shipping consists of 5 steps:

Order processing (1 day)

Our managers collect the information that you have provided while placing the order and check the data for validity. Please, mind that you can use only the address of your permanent residence as your shipping address (a hotel room or a short-term rental will not be acceptable).  The items kept at our storehouse get a further confirmation for availability and, finally, are passed over to the postal service. The parcel is packed and assigned with a personal tracking number.

There are many online services that enable following the post, for instance, you can use this one:

Customs control (1 day)

The package goes through customs control. Customs officers check it for safety precautions to guarantee secure delivery.

Shipping (up to 18 days)

The postal service ships the package until it reaches the customs on the territory of your country. TheOneDeal partners with global merchants and manufacturers in order to provide you the best prices and the most interesting products. We ship our products globally (the US, Europe, New Zealand, Australia). No additional taxes or fees are applied.

Processing on the territory of your country (1 day)

The parcel is scrutinized by the customs officers on the territory of your country and passed over to a courier.

Delivery (1-2 days)

The courier delivers the package to your door and you are ready to enjoy our product!

Our support managers are always ready to assist you with any questions you have at

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